Unused footage of Paul Walker found after two years of his tragic death

In the video, Walker tests out a Mine's-modified R35 GT-R and reacts excitedly as he takes the 600-horsepower, all-wheel-drive vehicle for a spin

Mine's-tuned, 600-hp rocket was driven by 'Fast & Furious' star in 2012 

A new video has surfaced showing Paul Walker getting behind the wheel of a Mine’s Nissan GT-R during a visit to Japan. Paul Walker was a gearhead first and an actor second, and during his years in the "Fast & Furious" film series he had the opportunity to sample many racing machines on and off the screen.

Unused footage of late Hollywood actor Paul Walker emerged earlier this week showing the car enthusiast visiting the world-renowned GT-R performance shop, Mine's Motor Sports in Japan. The allegedly lost footage was discovered by GTChannel during a move, and the company then posted the video on its YouTube page.

GTChannel has announced that all proceeds made from video views will be made to the Paul Walker Foundation.

Below is Paul`s daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

Lost video of Paul Walker test drive GT

Lost video of Paul Walker test drive GT

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