How astronauts brush their teeth

How do astronauts brush their teeth in space station

This amazing question came up when I wanted to show astronauts in space to my kids. After all, It was amazing to see how how to brush teeth when living in space. I’ve been watching this educational video depicts an inside tour of the International Space Station and operated by NASA Astronaut Sunita (Suni) Williams in zero gravity.

Below video of how to clean teeth at intl space station, This lady astronaut brushing her teeth captured on camera to answer our question.

So here’s the scoop. Astronauts living on the nasa space station, still have to brush their teeth every day, preferably at least twice a day. There’s no “out in space” exemption for dental hygiene.

But how do they get the toothbrush wet if they can’t use flowing water from a tap at zero gravity in space? And where do they spit after if they don’t have a sink? Why doesn’t all that mess just end up in your hair? YOu can get all the answers by watching this brush teeth video in space station.

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