Ceramic Apple Watch - Unboxing

ceramic iwatch by apple - series 2

A Ceramic iWatch? Sure, Why Not!
Apple iWatch Edition has been re imagined in brilliant white ceramic, engineered to be as strong as it is beautiful. With all the great features of Apple Watch Series 2, it’s the next generation of a timepiece that knows no equal.

We’ve outlined the reasons ceramics in smartwatches are increasingly common. It turns out, though, that the same reasons certain types of ceramics work well on your wrist would make it a natural fit for other consumer electronics. Like, say, a smartphone.

Apple i watch new series 2016

In fact, ceramic apple iwatch is already being used there. China-based manufacturers OnePlus and Xiamoi have incorporated ceramics into their devices already. And Apple, too, has at least poked at the idea. Patents aren’t worth much, but one just published last week indicates that Apple’s at least put some thought into how ceramics might work in an iPhone.

That’s good! Because a ceramic iPhone makes perfect, if pricey, sense. Lets have a first look at the ceramic i watch by apple.

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