Green Planet Tropical Rainforest in the Desert of Dubai

Green Planet forest in dubai

The Green Planet is open to the curious and adventurous, the young and old, to experience the unique beauty of another world.

Green Planet A tropical rainforest in the desert of Dubai Imagine a rain forest in a desert where 3,000 plants and 800 animals, including a sloth, thrive.

It is not a mirage, it is The Green Planet in the United Arab Emirates, a four-story exotic jungle inside a biodome, complete with the world’s largest man-made tree. This amazing forest in the heart of Dubai is another booster for Dubai toursim.

Visit Dubai city for Green Planet forest

Christopher Davis, Green Planet’s head of operations, explained: “It’s a slice of nature. Imagine a tropical rainforest in the Amazon; we’ve taken a cut out of that, brought it here to the middle of the desert. All of the animals that you see here, the trees, the plants, butterflies, reptiles, you name it. All kinds of animals, from all over the world, (and) different rain forests.”

The Green Planet will not just be a place to escape the arid Dubai heat but to also learn about how a rainforest works.

Green Planet Tropical Rainforest in the Desert of Dubai

According to Christopher Davis, up to 15 educational programmes in five areas of eco-exploration are scheduled for children aged three to 14: “The goal is certainly education, that’s a primary one. We have a lot of plans for school children to come in to learn a lot about nature. For more info visit

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