Stop Immediately If Your Child Watching These Weird Super Hero Videos on Youtube

Spiderman Frozen Elsa Marvel Superhero Real Life not safe to watch

Spiderman batman superman and all other cool superheroes were one of our all-time favorite shows throughout the whole life. So it`s the same with our younger generation until today and will continue to the next generation too. There`s nothing wrong watching these cartoon superheroes as those were totally comics fictions which are safe to watch for any age group from kids to an older person.

So for the last few months my both 3 year old and the 5 year old were watching these weird videos on youtube dressed like superhero cartoon characters and acting insane. Both me and my hubby were ok as we didn`t bother them watching these videos as sometimes my kids comes to us and we all were watching together for couple of minutes. All these were continued normal and last week my parents visited us to stay for couple of months with our family.

Recently my father called me and mentioned that my kids are watching some weird superhero videos on youtube and those are not look ok for them to watch. So I started to search and watch carefully on these videos and what I found shocked me as these videos are not suitable for kids to watch at all.

This youtube channel called "Spiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real Life" has nearly 1 million subscribers and has many other related channels to spread their videos around the world. Basically, if one video gets popular other channels (maybe the same group) create similar videos to get on suggested section. Just look at these channels. Superheroes Pictures created 3 weeks ago on 18 Mar 2016 has 126k of subscribers and 60 million views. That is just mind blowing.

Spiderman Frozen Elsa Marvel Superhero Real Life is it good to watch
Slowly they are turning their videos and stories to be adultery and creepy videos so that they can catch more audience. If you check closely all there videos has over 40 million views on youtube. And those are not safe to watch by a kid.

The most annoying thing was that when I tried to Google for info about it, I couldn't find anything but links to their YouTube videos (or Frozen videos...), or some other irrelevant stuff. It felt like they'd taken over the Internet.

I'm trying to figure this new get rich quick-scheme on YouTube. There a few dozen channels that make millions of views every day by doing these sort of crappy videos. They get dressed in Disney characters, like Elsa, and Marvel, Spiderman... and play some shitty scene. This video made 50 million views in the last week: Spiderman & Frozen Elsa vs Joker! w/ Pink Spider girl Anna & Batman! Superhero Fun in Real Life :)

Spiderman Frozen Elsa Marvel Superhero Real Life be careful
Basically children are the target audience of these kind of cheap video creators or groups tries to earn using online channels. Children are the ones watching these videos. I see it all the time, parents let their children use the YouTube Kids app which is full of videos like these and they just watch them over and over again. So please take action right now and block these videos and restrict watching by your little ones. And I hope if we can report youtube to take these channels down or restrict them for children would be really great. Also as a option we can use "YouTube Kids" app so that we can have a peace of mind on whats our kids are watching.

Furthermore you here is a guy that tries to explain about this crappy superhero cartoon character videos.

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