Hi-tech bedtime stories for kids using iPhone

Hi-tech bedtime stories for kids - from iPhone

Bring back the love of reading in a magical way. Simply attach Moonlite to your phone, pop in a story reel and begin projector reading. Imagine projecting your child's favorite bedtime story onto the ceiling or wall while they are snuggling in bed with you.

Moonlite makes bedtime stories come to life, with full HD story images and in-app sound effects to make the reading experience immersive and magical for children.

iPhone device projects bedtime stories to your kids

A magical bedtime story and reading experience
Bedtime stories have always been a special bonding moment between parent and child. Moonlite enhances that experience and makes children excited for bedtime, while promoting early literacy.

A magical bedtime story and reading experience

Why Moonlite?
It's simple: It's super fun gadget and children love it. With cute projections, sound effects, read-a-long features and more, Moonlite makes reading bedtime stories an event that both children and parents look forward to.

Get your Moonlite now for only $35 on Kickstarter!
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