Turbo Man Action Figure Gonna Comes to live - Its Turbo Time

Jingle All the Way - Turbo Man Action Figure - It's Turbo Time

Jingle All the Way is a 1996 American Christmas family comedy film directed by Brian Levant and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, with Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, Jake Lloyd, James Belushi and Robert Conrad.

Jingle All The Way is one of the more critically panned Christmas film among all the children to date, but it does capture the chaos of the holiday shopping season.

And let's face it: deep down, you wished your parents went to the same lengths to buy your favorite toy as Arnold Schwartzenegger did with Turbo Man.

Now you can buy the toy, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that promises to make a replica of Turbo Man based off a 3D scan of an original prop from the 1996 film.

The toy will be a 14.5-inch (36-centimetre) fully poseable figure, costing backers US$130 each. The campaign has so far raised more than US$15,000 at the time of writing, exceeding its initial target.

But sadly, like the film, it appears from a recent update that Turbo Man is sold out. No more will be made following the first run of 100. Instead, you could buy the original toys made to promote the film on eBay, which will set you back at least US$200 for one.

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