David Beckham reveals the secret to his long-lasting marriage

David Beckham reveals the secret to his long-lasting marriage
There are many, many famous celebrity couples out there with good family life, but you could probably count the ones that have been together for almost 20 years on the fingers of one hand.

On Sunday, David Beckham appeared on an hour-long special of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs show. Along with stories about his childhood and his football career, Beckham spoke about his marriage to Victoria Beckham — and the keys for a happy marriage they've been together for as long as they have.

David Beckham Victoria bechkam happy marriage
After talking about the early, secretive days of their relationship — "we used to sit in a Harvester car park and we used to just kind of, you know, kiss, of course, and spend time together" — Beckham was asked why his marriage has been so successful.

"I think because we're a strong family unit," he replied. "We've got strong parents; we were brought up with the right values."

"Of course you make mistakes over the years, and we all know marriage is difficult at times and it's about working through it, and whenever we've come up against tough times, you know, we know each other better than anybody knows us," he added. We never share our arguments or problems with rest of the world unless it`s a tough one. We two discuss with each other and trying to find what the best is for us.

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Beckham went on to say that they're very respectful of the life they have, but they're also private people. If you see nowadays many couples seeking the support of marriage counseling without trying to sort things between them. My love increase day by day towards Victoria as she never does things which I don`t like and respect me to be her husband. So I have given her the freedom to handle most of the house matters while I take time towards my career.

David Beckham Victoria bechkam happy life
"People have talked about, you know, 'do we stay together because it's a brand?'" he said. "Of course not. We do not love each other for wealth. We grew up together. We two spend time alone and with children and we still date each other occasionally.

David Beckham Victoria bechkam the secret ofa happy life

"We stay together because we love each other; we stay together because we have four amazing children, and do you go through tough times? Of course, you go through tough times. It's part of relationships, its part of marriages, its part of having children, it's part of having responsibilities."
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David Beckham Victoria bechkam keys for a happy marriage
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