70 year old hasnt eaten sugar for 28 years & looks gorgeous

Carolyn Hartz Sugar free for 28 years

Maybe this is just because I’m the child of two dentists and was denied candy and chocolate for most of my childhood, but I can’t think of anything that would seriously compel me to give up sugar for good. I’m serious. I think I would have an easier time forgoing almost anything else, be it nicotine, alcohol, sex or sleep.

After all, dessert is what makes life worth living, and if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth like I have then it’s almost impossible to go without. I’ve always imagined that even if giving up sugar was actually the secret to eternal youth and immortality I still wouldn’t give the idea of kicking the habit a second thought.

Carolyn Hartz gave up the white stuff almost 30 years ago after years of being ‘addicted’ to sweets.

And today, the 70-year-old has a body most women half her age would kill for – which she puts it down to following a no-sugar diet.

‘I have been sugar-free for 28 years,’ she tells.

‘It was difficult at first as I was a sugar addict but I believe it is one of the most important reasons I have been able to keep myself healthy and keep my body in shape.’

70 year old hasnt eaten sugar for 28 years

So how has she managed to keep to it?

‘I make sure I eat protein with every meal, especially breakfast. It stops the cravings.’
She also says it’s crucial not to deprive yourself of the food and drink you love, but to be careful about ‘portion size’.

‘We know our metabolism slows down as we get older,’ she says.

‘It just means we have to take control and make healthier choices and work a little harder.

‘I believe it is very important to be aware of the type of food you eat and the quantity of food you eat. Being mindful while you are eating is a huge factor.’

70 year old hasnt eaten sugar for 28 years

Instead of sugar, she uses a sweetener called Xylitol – an all-natural sugar substitute, which can be found in berries and some vegetables.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that Carolyn is the founder of a sweetener company so although being sugar-free has massive benefits, she obviously would put her age-defying looks down to using sweeteners over sugar.

Apart from ditching the sugar and managing the portions, Carolyn says that sleep is the next most crucial element to staying fit and well.

She aims for at least eight hours a night and says that she has done for most of her life.
‘It is when our body heals and rejuvenates,’ she explains.

70 year old hasnt eaten sugar for 28 years

Carolyn Hartz sugar-free for 28 years

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