AI photo editor FaceApp goes viral again on iOS, But the Same Privacy Concerns.

FaceApp goes viral

FaceApp returned to the public consciousness today after it unveiled a retooled version of its old age filter. Celebrities across the internet were sharing what they would look like in their golden years. Everyone from the Jonas Brothers and Terry Crews on to Dwyane Wade and Drake took to the app to try on a few decades. Countless other people took the opportunity to age themselves and looking at the results it's hard to blame them.

FaceApp goes viral

While the app does indeed let you pick a single photo without giving it access to your photo library, this is actually 100% allowed by an Apple API introduced in iOS 11. It allows a developer to let a user pick one single photo from a system dialog to let the app work on. You can view documentation here.
FaceApp goes viral on celebrities

Because the user has to tap on one photo, this provides something Apple holds dear: user intent. You have explicitly tapped it, so it’s ok to send that one photo. This behavior is actually a net good in my opinion. It allows you to give an app one photo instead of your entire library. It can’t see any of your photos until you tap one. This is far better than committing your entire library to a jokey meme app.
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